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SOLO! Bill Mays (DVD)

Recorded January, 2008 at WVIA, Pittston, PA. Filmed in three-camera, high-definition color before a live television audience. "This is my first solo DVD. I chose music by several pianists who were important to me, who inspired and influenced me early in my career."

1. Cool Struttin' (Sonny Clark) 

2. Conception (George Shearing)

3. Looking Back (Jimmy Rowles) 

4. Dolphin Dance (Herbie Hancock)

5. Interview with show host George Graham

6. Freight Trane (Tommy Flanagan)

7. Waltz For Debby (Bill Evans) 

8. Pensativa (Clare Fischer) 

9. Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk)

This is not a download, but a physical DVD.

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All net proceeds go to the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund.




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Sample clips:

Cool Struttin'
Looking Back
Waltz For Debby
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