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"For this recording and concert program I chose these tunes for their variety and because of what each one has meant to me down through the years. I love the summer anywhere, but especially out in Pennsylvania: the Delaware River, the herons, egrets and bull frogs down at the lake’s edge, the bats, blue jays and barn swallows, and especially the sights and sounds of a summer night: tree frogs, crickets, owls, fireflies and the 'click-click' of the katydids. Here is my Summer Sketches program."
  • Summer Night (H. Warren)
  • Estate (B. Martino)
  • Fireflies (B. Mays)
  • Indian Summer (V. Herbert)
  • Summer Sketch (R. Freeman)
  • (Gotta Go To) Summer School (M. Wilson)
  • Early August (M. Wind)
  • The Things We Did Last Summer (J. Styne)
  • Summer Serenade (B. Carter)
  • Once Upon A Summertime (M. Legrand)
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