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     "An early influence in my development as a pianist was the great Mike Wofford. I first heard Mike’s trio when I was in the Navy in San Diego. I continued listening to him through the release of his fantastic first  LP “Strawberry Wine,” subsequent solo and trio albums, his work with Shelly Manne, Shorty Rogers, Bud Shank, and others on the L.A. jazz scene. Mike’s voice was unique, clear, honest and inspirational to me then, and has remained so down through the decades. 

     Some 30 years ago Mike and I found ourselves seated at two grand pianos at the Jazz Bakery in L.A. and, although we’d both forgotten it, the one-nighter was recorded. Through a fluke I recently came upon the DAT recording and thankfully it was still viable. The music was transferred to digital format and we were happy enough with the musical results that we’ve decided you might enjoy it as well. 

     Thanks to Ruth Price and The Jazz Bakery, recording engineer Jim Britt, Kent Heckman at Red Rock Studios for successful digital transfers, fans who support(ed us, and all the pianists who have inspired Woff and me.

     This is not a commercial venture on our part—we’re taking no money for it. However, with so many of our musical comrades in dire straits due to the pandemic we suggest that if you like the music and feel so inclined you might consider expressing your appreciation by making a donation to the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund."



Bill Mays

Mike Wofford

Mike on Facebook

The Jazz Bakery

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