Road Work  Ahead


ROAD WORK AHEAD: the unique quartet featuring pianist Bill Mays, guitarist Peter Sprague, bassist Bob Magnusson and Jim Plank, drums and percussion. In the early 80's RWA recorded Night and Day for Discovery Records, did a KCET-TV special and toured the West Coast. When Mays moved to New York in 1984 the quartet disbanded until 2007, when they toured and recorded On The Road Again (SBE Records). “We all compose and arrange for the group – a mix of original and standard material,” says Mays. “Our long, close friendships help add to the magic that happens on the bandstand.”


California tour, March/April 2012. Contact:

email: or

telephone: 570-296-2134 or 917-951-4524

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Road Work Ahead is:

Bill Mays: piano

Peter Sprague: guitar

Bob Magnusson: bass

Jim Plank: drums